Forget Shit And Move On

by The Greek Favourites

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recorded live. angels sin + demons sing are off of our upcoming full length. addres. impact. + my garage my rules are off of a new batch of songs.


released April 11, 2012

recorded by jared stimpfl @ captured studios



all rights reserved


The Greek Favourites Kresgeville

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Track Name: address. impact.
i'm spewing out my spine all the horrible things i'm spewing out my mind all the wonderful things. let me have a glass of wine toasting everything is fine.

I smile with feelings that tore it's in my eyes that its all a door, so what... funny feelings that help me to ignore

the clouds in my mouth swirl to faces of beauty before it gets boring it still will be new i am the youth

I smile with feelings that tore it's in my eyes that its all a door, so what... funny feelings that help me to ignore

oh its in my teeth. oh its in my hair.

oh its in my skin.
Track Name: my garage, my rules
shooting some z's, i shot myself
blame it on me, i went to hell

i saw you but you couldn't see me.
i turned into a bird. i flew over my funeral.
my parents cried, my friends cried.
so i laid down, broke my wing and died.

(choah rus)
i lost my life and i watched the people that i love live it without me this is hell, this is hell i close my eyes and i feel your sheets, i felt your hands i am lucky.


don't cry baby
i am the ground
i feel your tears
pound pound
Track Name: angels sin
The questions will never be answered why we have to live and die like donner and blitzen and Adolf and Nixon to surf not to fly the wizard whips his wand to be a rich warlock the witch aspires to be kind and leave the wicked she flushed her money down the drain while he sickens war within our demons start to thicken the questions and answers are never remembered just keep asking why oh why the grass is much greener the glass is much cleaner but there always will be another side innocent girls want to be promiscuous breaking hearts until they find a deadly kiss tough guys crying to sleep every night because their angels sin because their demons sing
Track Name: demons sing
I am going where no man has gone before I am teaching every other human you'll still love after you know what I'm doing I scarred a boy for life after I chastised me for my love of thee look at my collar and forgive me and father don't forget the change that was spared and get me outta here I've been feeling like that boy that confesses when I'm done with him I'm back I am back with a vengeance